The Best Podcast in the Universe

Maddox is back and possibly better than ever.

The Biggest Problem in the Universe features Maddox and Dick Masterson bitching about every problem in the universe. Listeners vote up/down on each problem to determine once and for all what the biggest problem in the universe is. Hilarity ensues.

Maddox has spent the last decade experimenting with various comedic enterprises, including books, tv shows, improv, and YouTube videos. During this time he’s been criticized for failing to update regularly. Now he’s putting out podcasts every week. His personality and style have been criticized for changing over the years. These podcasts not only embrace his evolution, they make the most of it.

Maddox is now primarily a satirist. Yes, that’s always been in his repertoire, but nowadays it’s his bread and butter. His new weapons of choice are facts, research, statistics, and argument. Combining that with his traditional rant style produces such excellence as his video on Spider-Woman’s Ass:

Don’t worry, Maddox’s stiffness on camera surprisingly doesn’t carry over to his podcasts. His fluid radio personality makes it believable that The New Maddox actually enjoys talking to people.

Dick Masterson‘s claim to fame is being a troll chauvinist.

Dick’s following is much smaller than Maddox’s. At first it appeared that would condemn him to being Maddox’s sidekick/punching bag. Lately though, Dick has really stepped it up and cemented himself as a worthy co-host.

I’m now up to date on every episode. You should be too.

Current Grade: +++