The Pussification of Kool-Aid

The following is a depiction of Kool-Aid's latest TV ad. See if you can find the exact scene that shattered Kool-Aid's image:

I always believed that Kool-Aid was an ade so colloquially cool that it could only be expressed through a pun and an overt misspelling. Boy, was I wrong. How am I supposed to believe that Kool-Aid man can surf and break down walls if he's running on only 10 calories?

Only irresponsible parents would think this is a good thing. Children need calories to get up and run around. If you really want your children to cut down on calories then stop feeding them so much cake. If you're really looking for a low-calorie beverage, try this:

Don't waste your money on any of that bottled water bullshit. Only an idiot would pay for the most abundant substance on the planet.

Only 2759 calories!