John Stossel: Commissioner of the Bullshit Police

The world would unarguably be a better place if we had some sort of all-powerful Bullshit Police to keep the overabundance of ignorant assholes in check, but who could possibly be righteous enough to lead such a conscionable organization? None other than John Stossel, the king of exposing bullshit. With me as Stossel's right-hand man, we'd make an unstoppable ass kicking duo.

If you're not a loser, you'll spend your Friday nights at home watching 20/20 just to see John Stossel. I mean no disrespect to co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas; she's an excellent reporter, not to mention easy on the eyes. It's just that her typical story is some boring shit about how the world is a dangerous place for young women. John Stossel tells me what I actually care about: who's trying to bullshit me.

Although John Stossel first gained notoriety through his work exposing scam artists, he soon came to realize that most of them are small-time crooks compared to some of the scumbags in more influential positions: politicians, lawyers, the media, union leaders, special interest lobbyists, etc.... Since then, Stossel has turned his career as an investigative journalist into a crusade to challenge authority, political correctness, and conventional thinking.

For a quick sample of Stossel's brilliance, check out some of his clips on YouTube and his page on the 20/20 website.

Can't get enough of Stossel on TV? Check out his books:

Released in 2004, Give Me a Break recounts much of Stossel's early career and how it changed his perspective from liberal to libertarian. His more recent book, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity (pictured below), covers a broad range of provocative topics that he's come across throughout his years as a journalist. If you've been following his work, you may already be familiar with about half of the book, but it's still a great read.

The fans can't get enough of this.

Hollywood should get a clue and make a movie about me and Stossel. We'd sweep the Oscars.

2508 swindlers were brought to justice by the heavy end of John Stossel's shovel