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EF – A Tale of Lesbians*

*No lesbians or tales thereof ef – a tale of memories: Amazing anime, horrendous title. They might as well have named the show please ignore me: the animation. At least please ignore me: the animation trumpets the X-factor of reverse […]

The Clannad Quiz

So Kyou, Ryou, and to some degree, Tomoyo got ripped off. At least one of my bold predictions came true: I also watched the Clannad movie. Here are the key differences: Fuko doesn’t exist Ryou doesn’t exist. Oh wait, nothing […]

Shion no Ou = Hikaru no Go + Murder

Aside from murder, there are a few additional differences between Shion no Ou and Hikaru no Go that I left out of the title: They play Shougi instead of Go Shion gets stalked by a human instead of an ambiguously […]