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Hetalia Axis Powers: Brilliant historical satire? W…

Tower of Druaga 2: I got punk’d by the third episode. W+

Akikan: A poorly animated fanservice comedy about soda cans that transform into girls. It’s slightly less stupid than it sounds. W+

Ride Back: Ride Back = Blassreiter – Monsters + Ballet.  W+

Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4: Same old show (except the intro, which was designed to appeal to 4-year-old girls). W+

Asu no Yoichi: A fanservice comedy that’s actually funny? W+

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. One brilliant fight after another.  W+++

Minami-ke Okaeri: Not enough Hosaka. W+

Maria Holic: It’s supposed to be about lesbians, but I don’t see any. The main chick will inevitably be straight by the end. Guaranteed. W+

One Outs: One Outs = (Hiruma + Akagi) / 2 + Baseball – Boredom. W++

Moryou no Hako: Moryou no Hako = Lesbains + Suicide. W++

Nodame Cantabile: Paris-hen: Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen = Nodame Cantabile + Exaggerated Foreign Accents + a Rape joke. W++

Tytania: Legend of the Galactic Heroes all over again. W++

Clannad After Story: A touching story about the power of love. W+

Detroit Metal City: A touching story about the power of love. W+++

Garden of Sinners: Dark, violent, and thoughtful. Like Mnemosyne, but no lesbians. R++

Soul Eater: The new Bleach? W+

Golgo 13: Finally, a Strong Male Lead. W+

My Otome Sifr: Wow, it actually doesn’t suck. R++

Naruto Shippuden: Back from the bullshit filler arcs, Naruto Shippuden started out strong but quickly got watered down. W~

Bleach: Please kill off those annoying hollow side characters. Need help coming up with an excuse? It’s all in my script. W~


GTO: The Early Years: Solving problems with violence, no real story. X+

Naruto: Why can’t the anime be more like the manga? W+++

Bleach: I hate those annoying hollow side characters. W+

Claymore: Why does this manga only come out once per month? M+++

My Balls: Unfathomably Stupid, Hilarious. R+++

Onani Master Kurosawa: Like Death Note, except instead of plotting to kill people, the main character plots to masturbate in the girl’s restroom.  R++

Liar Game: Kaiji all over again. The first arc is pretty predictable, but the rest is just plain slick. W++


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