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Copyright infringement? Not in Japan

The Slacker's Code: Part X

What do Yahoo and Michelle Wie have in common?

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: WORST MOVIE EVER

Anime characters who are almost as cool as me: Shizuru

An Unbiased Review of Kingdom Hearts


Stop buying shit from children

Condescending Assholes work in "Seattle"

John Stossel: Commissioner of the Bullshit Police

Roboraptor: Toy of the Millenium

Simoun = Last Exile + Lesbians

Black Cat: The Anti-Naruto

Read The Alphabet of Manliness or go to Hell

Five things that suck about the NBA

Elevators and Blind People: A Dangerous Combination

REC: How to Waste a Pimp

Limit: 3 Sarcastic Retorts

How Not to Cancel Class

Plagiarism or 100% Original Bullshit?

I Will Eat Your Food

The Dominion of Baka-Raptor

Dubs vs Subs: "OH SHIT!"*

I don't give a shit if you win a DVD player

My Cousin is a Shallow Bitch

College Sports are Unwatchable

The Pussification of Kool-Aid

Touch subs by Central-Anime: Greatest Fansubbing Project Ever

Bode Miller sucks

Tenjou Tenge: Anime for Men

The Colbert Report: Great Show or The Greatest Show?

Ippatsu Kikimusume: ...why not?

Suzuka = (Touch + Maison Ikkoku + Love Hina + 1 million other series) / 1,000,003

Bleach filler completely Ripped off Yu Yu Hakusho*

Will Eyeshield 21 Make it to American TV?

I'm sick of shitty pizza ads

Blood+: Sufficiently Bloody

Ichigo 100%: The Most Blatant Harem Ever

Will the Trees be ok?*

Anime needs more Random characters

Stop Fighting because you have "Something to Protect"*

Stop Cutting Intros and Endings

The Boondocks is not anime. Watch it anyway.

Watch Monster

Naruto Filler is Bullshit*

Not another Harem anime

Respect the White Suits*

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