Two Problems with Maria†Holic

1. Punchline Overkill

Holy shit, it’s like I’m watching Lucky Star all over again. Cut the bullshit punchline reinforcement and move on.

Even Kanako’s lesbian observations are getting on my nerves.


Perhaps some viewers have difficulty picking up lesbian innuendo. Not me. My lesbian mangekyou sharingan identifies lesbian innuendo 100x faster than Kanako and without all the squealing.

When narration does nothing more than state the obvious, it gets annoying. I’m reminded of the Lingerie Bowl, a game of “football” played by hot women in lingerie. It was awesome—or at least it would’ve been if I’d had the sense to hit the mute button. The announcers put John Madden to shame with their inane commentary.

“Look at that ass!”

No shit, what else would I be looking at?

2. Kanako isn’t a Lesbian

If Kanako is actually a lesbian, why hasn’t she been groping the other girls? Girls are always groping each other, even the “straight” ones. Any true lesbian would undoubtedly take advantage of this natural lesbian tendency present in all women.

So Kanako likes looking at pretty girls in their underwear. All girls do. You need something more to be a true lesbian. Furthermore, she’s tall and stacked, a winning combination. She could easily seduce the other girls if she really wanted. The fact that she hasn’t proves she’s not a lesbian.

But Baka-Raptor, if Kanako isn’t a lesbian, what is she?

A typical wussy male anime lead in a girl’s body. Perhaps the biggest reason I enjoy watching lesbians in anime is that most male anime characters are pathetic. If I’m going to watch a show about a total pussy, it might as well be a girl.

UPDATE: Kanako’s song in episode 8 redeems her character, for now…

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