A new director for Lucky Star?

I was shocked to learn that the director of Lucky Star was replaced after four episodes � shocked because the job was never offered to ME. I'm perfectly qualified to direct Lucky Star. How hard could it possibly be? It's based off a 4-koma (a four panel comic strip), not some 50 volume epic. These things are pretty straightforward:

Square #1: Setup the scene, introduce characters. Propose philosophical dilemma if applicable.

Square #2: First complication.

Square #3: Second complication.

Square #4: Punchline reinforced by a comment and/or abrupt transition.

If I just append a top panel to my old Harem comics, they nail the 4-koma paradigm:

The Failed Confession

Notice how I had The Slut jump in to reinforce the punchline, just in case somebody didn't get the joke? That's perfect 4-koma form.

The Misunderstanding

Setup �> Complication �> Complication �> Abrupt Transition. Piece of cake.

I wonder why they changed directors in the first place. The "problem" with Lucky Star is that it has +++ animation with only + material. No quick fix is going to make it into a +++ final product. However, if they change their minds and decide to hire ME at any point, I take it all back. Changing directors is the right thing to do.

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