Bleach filler completely Ripped off
Yu Yu Hakusho

Just when I thought I was done slamming bad filler, Bleach had to rip off Yu Yu Hakusho so shamelessly that I practically had a seizure. As if it wasn't bad enough that this Bleach filler arc conspicuously plagiarized a story arc from Yu Yu Hakusho, they had to do it in discrete stages, each time painfully teasing the viewer with the rationalization that the two plots couldn't possibly converge any further.

Stage 1: Conventional Fighting is Useless

In order to stand a chance against an enormously powerful foe from another world, you've used a risky technique to forcefully release the potential of your spiritual energy. It succeeds, you beat your enemy, and you return home feeling that nothing could possibly pose a threat to you anymore. Then, all of a sudden, you're attacked by a mysterious gang with psychic abilities that easily nullify the power that you worked so hard to attain.

Stage 2: Detect the Impostor

The enemy has infiltrated your party by abducting one of your comrades and and disguising as him. The question is, who's the fake? It seems that impostor can copy not only physical appearance but memories and techniques as well. Worst of all, there's a time limit! As the deadline approaches, deliberations conclude fruitlessly. The only difference between Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach was that Bleach had a dead giveaway at the end.

Stage 3: Punk'd

After the final showdown, the puppetmaster is finally revealed to be the person who trained you to fight. Apparently this entire saga existed to teach you a valuable lesson that you would've had too short of an attention span to learn otherwise. Now you accept these once invincible enemies as worthless allies and begin a new chapter.


The guy who lost his powers gets trapped in a blob of water. Give me a break...

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