Blood+: Sufficiently Bloody

This badass mid-episode transition tells you all you need to know:

Not only is the show violent, but it's nondiscriminatory. It doesn't matter whether you're a monster, woman, orphan, cripple, or puppy; you're getting owned.

Sorry Fido.

Who would you commission to compose to soundtrack to this carnival of bloodlust? Obviously none other than Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Batman Begins) and Mark Mancina (Speed, Twister, Training Day). I swear, in all my years of watching anime, I've never heard such proficient use of the French Horn and Cello.

As if you need another reason to watch the show, Blood+ throws together a solid cast of diverse yet badass characters. To put this into perspective, I'll show you a few Blood+ characters and their analogs in other animes.

The strong silent mysterious dagger-wielding heartthrob voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi:

The scruffy investigative journalist/photographer who puts his life on the line against unknown forces to expose the truth:

The chubby bespectacled guy with the goatee who generally stays in the background but inevitably does something cool:

Remember, this series should only be watched in the dark. If you leave the lights on, you're a pussy.

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