Bode Miller sucks

That idiot is only good at losing, getting disqualified, and disappointing everybody who believes in him. The only skiing event that he's suited for is SkiFree, the old Windows game in which you keep skiing downhill until you get eaten by a yeti.

This self-proclaimed badass thinks he's cool because he drinks and parties. Then he ends up sucking in the Olympics and still spouts lame phrases like:

"I got to party and socialize at the Olympic level...
I just did it my way. I'm not a martyr, and I'm not a do-gooder.
I just want to go out and rock. And man, I rocked here."

No, you didn't rock. You sucked � at the Olympic level. At this point he's only making himself look like a jackass, but then he had the nerve to start disrespecting serious athletes:

"Look at what happened to Rahlves. He was holed up in his RV,
he's probably the fittest guy out here and he made a point
of talking about how important the Olympics were to him,
and then look � a little bad luck and he's got nothing
to show for the whole thing."

Could Bode Miller be any more of a pretentious asshole? I can't believe that I once had the same birthday as this guy. As soon as I found out about it, I changed my birthday to May 13, Stephen Colbert's birthday.

Bode Miller got disqualified 6022 times