Crappy Sketches of Old

The concept sketch for I Will Eat Your Food

Maa takes a bite out of Aria

I started drawing Akari, then I gave up.

5th Division Road Trip

Next time I'll draw a thought bubble for Aizen...

This is from the Year of the Boar postcard that I made in Japanese class. We were encouraged to decorate it somehow, so I drew this crappy cute sketch of me and sensei as boars. For some reason I don't think she found it as adorable as I did...

"Dante can control bats by jamming on this curious guitar."

"Volume Up - Increase the speed at which you summon bats with this sweet, sweet melody."

Brainstormerasaurus (2003)

Drawn on scrap paper during a high school calculus test

10th Division Road Trip


Since Hitsugaya is a kid and Matsumuto is a woman, I wasn't sure who to make the driver. Then I remembered Shinigami Cup and Shinigami Picture Book (those stupid self-parody clips at the end of recent Bleach episodes), which often show Matsumoto fretting over her looks and comically victimizing Hitsugaya. Needless to say, it just wouldn't be complete without the Superintendent Chalmers-like "Matsumotoooooooooo!".

6th Division Road Trip

Byakuya won't ask for directions.

Homework Assignment for Elementary Japanese I

I ripped off Maddox, Full Metal Alchemist, Nana, Maison Ikkoku, and Getbackers

ShizNat '08

Honk if you support ShizNat

Kurogane vs Mokona

Cleavage on a Plane

Based on a true story. Full-length article to come?

Banana Assault´┐Ż

Byakuya isn't impressed by the Mean Value Theorem.

Crappy Sketch of the Moment

3672 professors thought I was taking notes