Elevators and Blind People:
A Dangerous Combination

A blind man and I were waiting to get on the elevator at my old apartment building, when two loud obnoxious CMU sluts presented themselves as perfect candidates for a thorough ass kicking. The blind man and I both agreed that they direly needed one, so I graciously offered to administer the beatings while he would hold the elevator door open.

Four busted kidneys later, I returned to the elevator, but the blind man was gone! Did that bastard really think he could get away without keeping his end of the bargain? I ran up the stairs, tracked the blind man down, and beat the shit out of him! Then I returned to the elevator and realized that it might not have been his fault:

What a surprise, the same jackass management team that closes the laundry rooms at 11PM also doesn't give a shit about blind people. I almost felt bad for wrongfully kicking his ass. Then I shoved him down the trash chute and went to Taco Bell.

That wasn't the last I heard of the blind man. He recently gathered up a bunch of his blind friends and came to my summer apartment building for revenge.

They all got on the elevator, but nobody could read that the certificate of operation had expired two years ago. Then a cable snapped and they all died.

2540 blind people can't read this