Approximately two months ago, I criticized the anime series REC for having a bare bones plot with virtually no character development aside from the show's main couple. I was particularly annoyed by an overhyped pimp who got 12 seconds of airtime in first episode and was neglected for the rest of the series. Quoting my original article:

"What jackass decided to throw in a perfectly good pimp and do absolutely nothing with him? ... All I'm asking for are a few episodes about the pimp. Nothing too fancy, just throw in some bitches, have him kick a little ass, and there's your second season/OVA. It'd be almost as awesome as Dawn of the Dead."

And guess what? Today, months of the final episode aired, an extra episode of REC was released, and look who's back:

That's right bitches � I CALLED IT! Not only that, but several other suggestions were also taken straight from my checklist:

Well developed minor characters
At least one subplot
Recurring random character(s)
An ending theme
A pimp in a white suit

Holy shit, I'm unstoppable! Everybody else sucks compared to me, especially if your name happens to be Tennis. After writing my original REC article, I got drunk off my own brilliance and passed out. When I came to, I found the following instant message waiting for me:

Tennis: your article sucks

For some reason, Tennis seems to think that my website is targeted towards dumb pieces of shit who needed half of the summer to get a single image to stop displaying upside down in Matlab. Let me reiterate for you assholes who still don't get it: I am right and you are wrong. Everything that I write is clever and insightful, and if you can't appreciate it, that sucks for you, not me. Apparently enough people in the anime community agreed with me to demand an episode of REC that featured the changes I suggested, so I win and you lose. Me: 1 Tennis: 0

Congratulations Tennis, you got added to the list of people whose feedback means shit to me.

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