Ippatsu Kikimusume: ...why not?

16 episodes x 3 minutes per episode = 48 minutes

If you have time to read this website, then you can definitely spare 48 minutes of your life to watch this series. By the way, the 3 minutes per episode doesn't include the intro song, which you should skip because it's deafeningly cacophonous. The only reason that it has such a shitty intro in the first place is because of the low budget, and for some reason, a lot of superficial tools use that as an excuse to give it a bad rating. It's a good thing that my opinion trumps anybody else's, so I declare this show to be quality entertainment. Just consider the premise: a ditzy girl finds herself in a painful situation and has 3 minutes to escape with her life.

Things usually get worse before they get better.

Not only is this show funny, but it's also the most mentally stimulating anime I've ever seen. For the whole three minutes, you're actively trying to solve the problem alongside Kunyan, and it helps that the guy who conceptualized this show is obviously a physics buff.

Finally, a practical use for physics.

Even taking the low budget out of consideration, the narration and background music are done very well. Also, who doesn't like laughing at the comical misfortunes of others? If you can handle a short cheap show packed with crude humor, then this is a series that you won't want to miss.

432 people now know how to escape a giant python's GI tract