"Futakomori" must mean "obnoxious little girl"

Back when I reviewed the first season of Jigoku Shoujo, I expressed my delight that the main character was not an obnoxious little girl:

"Enma's one of those soft-spoken pale little girls who people think are scary for some reason. I don't really get it, but she manages to kick sufficient ass (for a little girl)..."

Apparently the producers of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori haven't been reading my website; otherwise they would've killed off Kikuri, an obnoxious little girl who never behaves or keeps her mouth shut.

We'll leave it to you Wanyuudo...

Wanyuudo kicks ass. If I don't die before my 60th birthday, I'm totally going to cosplay as him. I was glad to see him and the rest of the supporting cast get more development and screen time in the second season.

Wanyuudo: the power to turn into a flaming wheel

Ichimoku Ren: the power to see through walls

Hone Onna: the power to dress up as a hot teacher/nurse/secretary

Now I have to swallow my pride and admit one of my own failures. I predicted that there'd be lesbians in the second season. I was wrong. The only change on this season's checklist is that the timing of the ending theme is slightly inconsistent.

Well developed minor characters
At least one subplot
Comical victimization
Regular victimization
Recurring random character(s)
Badass mid-episode transitions
Soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura
Themes of Hatred/Suffering/Revenge
Stylish visual effects
A consistently timed ending theme
Graphic violence
A character vaguely resembling myself
A pimp in a white suit
Disheveled journalist/photographer

On the bright side, this time the white suit gets credited to Ichimoku Ren instead of a random character:

I'm really going to miss this series. It filled a unique role that I don't expect another show to take over. What other shows dish out this level of hatred, suffering, and revenge on an episodic basis? Perhaps the live action version of Jigoku Shoujo can get the job done...

9875 girls weren't annoying enough to be cast as the live action Kikuri