Copyright infringement?
No, just bullshit advertising.

Back when I was taking screenshots of The WcDonalds Phenomenon, I came across an amusing scene in City Hunter that featured a bag of W&W's. Upon closer inspection however, I realized that this wasn't some fictitious knockoff brand, but the real thing!

I'm a reasonable guy. Sometimes you need to sell ads to make ends meet, so I won't make a big deal out of one inconspicuous bag of M&M's. As for some of the bullshit that followed it...

Holy shit! I didn't know that M&M's had it's own airline! Seriously, is anybody stupid enough to buy into this bullshit marketing propaganda?

Mmmm...shamelessly delicious.

Coincidentally, M&M's were on sale last week. I purchased them at the Rite-Aid located under the corporate headquarters of Vivisimo, developer of the Clusty search engine and provider of free t-shirts. Then I ate them as I watched City Hunter using my Sony headphones. It was totally worth skipping the TOC.

I skipped 442 job fairs to take pictures of myself watching anime