I'm sick of shitty pizza ads

I was walking down the street the yesterday when I heard this little kid parroting Jessica Simpson's jingle from the latest Pizza Hut ad. I explained to him that the ad sucks. Then I kicked him a few times and threw him in a garbage can.

All pizzerias should take a lesson from Italian Village Pizza (Squirrel Hill Branch), the best pizzeria in Pittsburgh and possibly the universe.

Here's some advice for Pizza Hut and Say Cheese Pizza Co.:

1. Make your logo an Italian chef with a bushy moustache, preferably riding a gondola. Those guys understand pizza; Jessica Simpson and Ms. Piggy don't.

2. Show at least 1 picture of the product that you're trying to sell. Cut the cubism bullshit and show me a pizza.

Could the design of this flyer be any worse? A pizzeria has no business trying to act trendy. Once again, let IVP school you in running a pizzeria:

Upon entering any pizzeria, you should be able to:

1. Order the pizza right at the counter
2. Read the menu off a letterboard
3. See the pizza being made right in front of you

Take note of the dining environment. Nothing says casual like stools and a checkerboard floor.

Now that you know what a good pizzeria looks like, start eating at one.

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