Anime Needs More Random Characters

I'm sick of characters that have a purpose. Why can't there be more random characters whose existence is totally meaningless?

Useless, not random.

Although it's true that Sakura hasn't made any significant contributions to the plot of Naruto, she isn't random. Here's a truly random character:

Random, not useless.

Appearing in every episode of Trigun, Kuroneko is a pimp among cats, unlike that loser cat from Midori no Hibi:

Will this cat ever get laid?

The most badass random character in the history of anime:

Kibure from Infinite Ryvius is the perfect random character. At the beginning of the show, she's just an average girl in a dinosaur costume. Then she loses all the pieces of the costume and hunts them down for the rest of the series. Like any good random character, she:

  1. Appears in every episode
  2. Only gets a few seconds of airtime in each episode
  3. Has her own subplot

The best part is that she doesn't need any help to find her stuff, unlike that lazy bitch Waldo.

Nobody cares.

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