My Cousin is a Shallow Bitch

All she does is listen to shitty music and whine about how nobody understands her. Whenever a guy dumps her, it's the end of the world...until she starts jerking another dick 3 days later. That bitch was also stupid enough to email me the log of an online fight with her boyfriend. Big mistake:

Boyfriend: chea!
Cousin: ok
Boyfriend: ur icon is annoying
Cousin: you're annoying
Boyfriend: woah
Boyfriend: lets not talk abt annoying ppl
Cousin: do you think i'm annoying?
Boyfriend: i think ur annoying because u think i'm annoying
Cousin: i could change my icon
Cousin: to RHCP
Cousin: you definitely wouldn't like that...
Boyfriend: wats that
Boyfriend: like it dont match
Boyfriend: i hate things that dont match
Boyfriend: !!!
Cousin: i never match
Boyfriend: thats why its annoying
Boyfriend: why
Cousin: its part of my demeanor
Cousin: i like things messed up
Boyfriend: thats like sad
Boyfriend: u cant match
Cousin: i would hate to have everything all matching
Cousin: man, everything would be so boring
Boyfriend: i match
Boyfriend: every1 matches
Cousin: im not everyone, i guess
Boyfriend: but u hate everything matching
Cousin: ugh
Cousin: why do you try to change me?
Boyfriend: im not, im just trying 2 understand!! cuz its not normal
Boyfriend: and/or im not use 2 it
Cousin: try understanding me better?
Boyfriend: im trying BUT ur always blocking me out w/ "your trying to change me"
Boyfriend: all im trying to do is get to kno u
Boyfriend: 4 the benefit of our relationship
Cousin: oh really... your trying to get to know me?
Cousin: wow, that's a first
Cousin: it feels like all this time
Cousin: i've been trying to adapt to you
Cousin: i've already changed so much...
Cousin: and you keep expecting more
Cousin: you tell me how to dress
Cousin: how to act
Cousin: what not to do
Boyfriend: it's not like u listen
Boyfriend: and didnt u ask me 2 tell u!!??
Cousin: certain things, i dont mind changing
Cousin: but sometimes, i just feel like i'm not your ideal girl
Cousin: i'm just never good enough for you
Cousin: everying about me bothers you
Cousin: and that just really gets to me...
Boyfriend:if everything abt u bothers me then i would be fcuking be with you
Cousin: i dont know- i ask myself that everyday
Boyfriend: damn girl
Cousin: okay you just dont treat me like you wanna be with me
Cousin: thats what it is
Cousin: it feels like i want you more than you want me
Cousin: you treat other girls better than you treat me
Boyfriend: wtf do you want me to do
Cousin: and it really hurts
Cousin: you dont have to do anything
Cousin: show that you actually care
Boyfriend: i do
Cousin: how so?
Cousin: you tell me
Boyfriend: im with u
Cousin: other than that?
Cousin: those are just three word..being with someoen doesn't mean crap
Boyfriend: what the hell do you want me to do
Cousin: you can atleast show that you care
Cousin: little things
Cousin: if you really cared and if you really wanted to be with would show it

You can't make this shit up. Every single thing she says is typical bitch rhetoric. She starts with blunt antagonism, shifts to the guilt trip, climaxes with accusations, and concludes with nonsensical bullshit. Notice that the conversation started evenly but ended up with the bitch taking 80% of the lines. If you ever find yourself with a girl like this, consider masturbation.

920 shallow bitches are still bitching about how nobody understands them