Stop fighting because you have
"something to protect"

Do you need a surefire way to get your ass kicked? Run into battle talking about how you have something to protect, and you'll inevitably get the shit pounded out of you. Consider the 3rd Inu Yasha movie. Let's see how having something to protect helps Inu Yasha against a legion of zombie samurai:

Now let's see how Sesshoumaru handles this:

Winner: Sesshoumaru

One time this jackass nerd told me that true strength comes from having something to protect. A few seconds later, I made it evident that if he had something to protect, it wasn't his solar plexus. Then his ugly whore of a girlfriend started bitching at me, so I punched her in the solar plexus too.

The following are great reasons to fight:

1. Revenge
2. Somebody pissed you off
3. You can get away with it

Saiyuki sends the right message:

(This reads right to left)

The absolute worst thing about the characters droning about having something to protect is that they think they're trash talking. If I were fighting somebody who told me he had something to protect, I'd know he's a pussy and rip his head off. If you want to learn to trash talk properly, watch S-CRY-ED. Their formula is straightforward yet highly effective:

1. Start with a perfectly rational conversation
2. Insult your opponent's background and values
3. Exchange threats
4. Conclude with a simultaneous threat
5. Beat the shit out of each other

8861 people still think they have something to protect