Spoilers don't ruin anime � people ruin anime

Just like guns, spoilers make the world a better place. Do you think that spoilers are unconditionally bad? If so, do you watch episode previews? Then you're a hypocrite. There are at least three situations when spoilers are great:

1. It's not a spoiler if they want it...

If you don't want spoilers, don't ask for them! How dumb can people be? They remind me of all those girls who sleep with Ghetto and later act like he "took advantage" of them. No bitch, you got exactly what you wanted. Deal with it.

If you really want to take advantage of someone, give him a fake spoiler. It's like blindfolding a girl who wants Ghetto and giving her The B-Man. She might have her suspicions and feel violated if she ever found out what really happened. That's why you should only do this to people who'll never know the truth.

2. You wouldn't have watched/read it otherwise

I was content with the ending of the Suzuka anime. I didn't see any need to find out how things continued in the manga until I read a spoiler for chapter 155:

Suzuka got knocked up?!

So I let out a sigh, got the manga, and disappeared for the next three days.

3. Reading ahead

When the Naruto anime started to go downhill, I turned to the manga instead of putting up with the bullshit filler. Some people might think that spoils the anime.

The problem with spoilers is that people suck. There's always some sadistic shithead lurking in the far corners of the internet trying to ruin people's happiness. That's why you should never talk to anyone.

427 people expect Naruto and Sasuke to live happily ever after