Stop Cutting Intros and Endings

Why did the Adult Swim producers edit the Samurai Champloo ending? What did the Song of Four Seasons ever do to them? Do they think it's fun to leave me hanging with half a song and accelerated background animations? There's nothing I hate more than getting off to an anime ending only to be cockblocked by shitty late night advertising. I want 30 more seconds of anime, not phone sex or an associates degree in medical assistance.

What they did to the S-CRY-ED ending was infinitely worse. Well, technically what they did was exactly the same, but they effectively cut something that every fan yearns to see: mangled english.

After a few episodes, Adult Swim finally they got its shit straight and made an abrupt transition to the closing line, "I believe in Drastic my soul". Some dumbass on a forum said that "I believe in Drastic my soul" is a nonsensical phrase. What if Drastic were the name of his soul? Way to insult someone's beliefs, asshole.

I commend Adult Swim for keeping the Inu Yasha ending themes unaltered, but what the hell were they thinking when they cut the entire intro? I wouldn't be so disgusted if they replaced it with something tasteful, but holy shit, they introduce the show with a dog barking to piano jazz in a wheelbarrow. Is that supposed to be funny? Cut the crap and play the intro sequences. Not only do they kick ass, but their mangled english is on par with S-CRY-ED's.

Or if they decide to be lazy bastards, they can pull a Full Metal Alchemist and play the same intro for every episode.

4739 people won't listen to an FMA intro unless it's sung by L'arc en Ciel