How to sub Nana faster

I have no right to complain about fansubbing speed (especially since I don't always update that often), but I'm going to do it anyway. Nana needs to be subbed faster, end of story. Before you start bitching about how I should be appreciative of all the time and effort that fansubbers put into their work, trust me, I care. That's why today I'm offering a suggestion so brilliant that nobody could possibly take issue with it, except for maybe Shizue Nana. My suggestion is simple: Stop Subbing Shizue Nana.

Shizue Nana sucks. It's obvious that she's evil and useless:

It's almost as pathetic as Yui Horie's uncoordinated pedophile clap.

First of all, I can't stand people who get ahead in life just because of their name. Even then, there are thousands of women in Japan named Nana. Shizue can't possibly be the hottest one. Besides, Shizue might not even be her real name. The latest fansub called her Suzue. Good. I hope it's not Shizue, because Shizue Nana could easily be abbreviated as ShizNan. That's dangerously close to ShizNat.

Now let's take a cold hard look at the numbers:

If the time spent subbing Nana's Room had been spent subbing new episodes, we'd be done with episode 44 right now. At the current rate, it'll take another month to hit episode 44. In other words, one whole month was wasted on Shizue Nana. That's a scientifically indisputable fact � Shizue Nana is a waste of time.

5095 minutes were saved by skipping Shizue Nana