The Boondocks is not anime.
Watch it anyway.

The next idiot who tells me that the Boondocks is an imitation anime will get his ass kicked. The Boondocks has nothing in common with anime whatsoever.

Does this look like anime to you? I didn't think so.

So what if it resembles anime, contains Japanese cultural references, or has a Korean production team? Oh yeah, and it's also based on a comic.

None of that makes it anime. Last time I checked, anime had no thematic elements of American socio-political controversy. The Boondocks revolves around these issues, and the show could've been on TV years ago if creator Aaron McGruder had sold out. McGruder, however, has balls, so he waited for an opportunity to put The Boondocks on TV with all the provocative content intact.

I, too, have had my share of Boondocks related censorship issues. I've been a fan of the comic strip for a long time, so a few years ago when some grouchy old prick wrote a letter disrespecting The Boondocks to the editor of Newsday, I was pissed:

I couldn't stand idly by and let that bullshit go unchallenged, so I responded by emailing my own letter to editor:

That incompetent editor proceeded to piss all over it and print it anyway:

I might be able to understand censoring the "you're a grouchy old prick" parts, but upon further inspection, you might notice that he also:

  1. Gave it a title so uncreative and shitty that I nearly gouged my eyes
  2. Censored the name of the comic strip's artist
  3. Called it "Boondocks" instead of "The Boondocks". Apparently this dumbass not only sucks at editing, but he also hates articles of speech. Just to piss him off, I'm now calling Newsday "The Newsday", because I can also put opinionated written aesthetics over correctness.

The Newsday's editorial section is so pathetic that the only sure way to get your letter published is to explicitly insult The Newsday. Every letter in The Newsday begins with some incarnation of "I'm outraged at The Newsday's blatantly liberal propoganda". Publishing letters with anti-The-Newsday sentiment doens't make the editorial pages seem fair. It only deprecates The Newsday, but they love doing it anyway. Shit, I just realized that writing this page would make The Newsday's editors happy.

UPDATE: He's just mad cuz his ass is old

559 The Newsday editors want to bone me