Will the Trees be ok?
Breaking twigs is a traditional icebreaker in anime. However, due to the excessive breakings this season, I ban twig breaking in all future seasons.

Below are four instances that led to the banning. Note: Twig breaking has occured for many years. These instances are the most recent in anime history.


I'll spare the negative comments, because this breaking foreshadows death.


I love this series, but don't break twigs when you're alone. It is completely useless.

Wow, when was the last time you stepped on a twig?

Mai Otome

Surprisingly, Mai Otome contains only one twig incident.

Congratulations! You join the unpriviledged group of guys that interrupted a singing girl.


This incident is so severe, it makes a great playbook for aspiring twig breakers.

To make it even worse, the breaker does a lousy job covering up the incident. Notice the blank facial expression.

Twig breaking has lost its creativity. At least throw in a bear or UFO next time. Artists, you've been warned.

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