Respect the White Suits
White Suits

If a series is worth watching, then it has a white suit in it. All pimps and badasses should wear white suits, and all women should be attracted to them. White suits are so popular, they even appear in anime art work.

There is one simple rule for having a white suit. WHITE SUITS ARE FOR PIMPS AND GANGSTERS. If a character violates this rules, he will die. Sorry for the spoiler.

Spoiler: Krillin dies.

The anime white suit was not inspired by movies such as Saturday Night Fever or Scarface. These are disco white suits. Notice the extended collar and the dancing. Real anime white suits come from the age when men weren't afraid to beat kids and men never danced. Classic films like "The Man in the White Suit" and the Yakuza inspired most of the anime variants.

Didn't influence anime suits:
(Not bad, just not good enough)

Great influence on anime suits:
(They knew how to beat people back in the day)

So, to tribute the white suit, below is the anime white-suit wall-of-fame.

If I left out any white suits, they aren't worth noting.

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