Anime I haven’t seen and can’t meaningfully critique

Spice and Wolf: She has a tail – get over it.

5 Centimeters per Second: Slow

Hamtaro: Evil

Library Wars: Unrealistic

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Trainwreck

My Neighbor Totoro: I hate my neighbor

All Nippon Air Line (ANAL): Needs more lesbians

Chi’s Sweet Home: Yawn

Kodomo no Jikan: Great show, if you’re a pedophile. Which I’m not.

Princess 69: Predictable

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora: Oh wait, I did see it. And it sucked.

Serial Experiments Lain: Bullshit

Hayate the Combat Butler: Maybe I’d watch if you replaced Butler with Maid, and Hayate with Kogarashi

Gantz: Best Anime Ever

Haruhi Season 2: Great concept, poor execution

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: Stupid

Space Runaway Ideon: Who cares?

Akira: Pretty good…for its time

Bible Black: Crass religious allegory

Gundman ____: Been there, done that

Afro Samurai: Racist

The Hiatus Continues…

After announcing my weeklong hiatus last Monday, my stats immediately plummeted and sharply rebounded when the week was over, just as expected:

But Baka-Raptor, how is it a hiatus if you’ve been posting?

That’s just how much my hiatuses rock. Somebody should give me an award.

Best Hiatus Baka-Raptor
Best Comment on Another Blog Baka-Raptor

At least I’m getting one new source of hits:

I’m now announcing that my award-winning weeklong hiatus will continue for another week (the assignment is due next Monday instead of this Friday).

But Baka-Raptor, how can a weeklong hiatus last for two weeks? Do you have to power to manipulate time?


38 people love sucking up to me

  1. DAMN, if only this hiatus was longer and initiated a couple months ago… THEN I’D BE BEGGING YOU TO JOIN ME. But alas, I’ll just continue watching more Afro Samurai to practice my acceptance of other races (Damn them all)… I hate that show so much.

  2. @IKnight: I wouldn’t know, not having seen it or anything…

    @Owen: Whatever anime you’re referencing, I haven’t seen that either. And it sucks.

    @Os: I’m sure I’d fit in with the rest of you dinosaurs.

  3. You’re lack of Eva is disturbing.

    Have you considered the new movie at the very least?

  4. >>Haruhi Season 2: Great concept, poor execution

    I watched Akira a couple months ago and decided it was terrible except for the baby who looked like a mini Lou Dobbs. Lol.

  5. Dude is your all-too-correct perception of Afro Samurai due to my all-too-awesome analysis of it? At least it produces search terms like “afro samurai sex scene”. And I laughed hard at the spice and wolf one.

  6. I picked ‘Gantz’ because it reminded me of a Swan-Gantz catheter, the best, MOST EXTREME WAY to messure Pulmonary Capillary Pressure EVER!!

  7. >>edited Aria screencap

    >>@blissmo: Stupid rapping? You must be confusing me with lolikit.
    Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen is not rap. Van Diemen’s Land is not rap. I don’t know if Breaking the Habit is rap or not but you can hardly wrap up the entirety of my song lyrics perversion as “stupid rapping.”

    >>@Os: I’m sure I’d fit in with the rest of you dinosaurs.



    Huuuuuuuh T______T

  8. Edit: I seem to have spelled ‘Swan-Ganz’ wrong… how infinitely foolish of me… can I rescind my vote??

  9. I almost forgot: “It also sucks. It is made by an asahi-based life-form who is also a paedophile. The cast numbers in the hundreds, all of which are female and likely under the JAPANESE age of consent.”

  10. RESPECT!!! Your choices in the animu world lead to a path of enlightenment.

    Except Haruhi 2 (no, don’t pretend it’s Lucky Star), you can’t miss out on that.

  11. I must add to what was said above about Evangelion: The new movies are not a complete remake of the series. Rebuild of Evangelion is actually a sequel. So watch the series first. (for those who disbelieve me, watch the movie, the evidence is everywhere, hell even Kaoru mentions Shinji’s name in past tense).

  12. Now go and watch all Ghost in the Shell (3 movies and 2 seasons). I even wrote you a list in my e-mal quite some time ago, and not one mention.

  13. @Teeif: My review of Haruhi II was my review of Haruhi I. But I do look forward to next season. Really.

    @Epileptic Diahhrea: So Shinji died. Thanks.

    @Viktor: Your checklist was incorrect about GiTS not having Lesbians (or at least you could’ve check-starred it). I’ve got a post planned about the Tachikomas, but I want to watch the second season before I write it.

  14. Oh you’ll get hits eventually. I just started hitting 1k hits now and it only took about a year. I’m not even cool or anything like the more hype bloggers so I’m really surprised.

    Ganbare Baka Raptor.

  15. How can you hate Lain?!!?! It rocked hard!! You must’ve got confused and said screw it. LOL

  16. Lain gave me a headache already on 3rd or 4th episode. Things started to get disjointed and stuff. So I deleted it from my harddrive.

  17. Well, if you decide to watch it, let us know. ^_^ I like to hear your views on it myself. Your posts intrigue me.

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