Talk-A-Raptor 01: The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary!

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Don’t expect me to update for about a week. I’ve got a writing assignment to work on (which it’s almost as lame as Michael’s “I didn’t update because I was reading” excuse). Deal with it. This video is worth at least five written posts. If you’re bored, just keep rewatching the video; you’ll find new meaning in it every time.


Why did I add the “Talk-A-Raptor 01: ” to the title? Look at these stats:

  • This page has been viewed 280 times
  • The video has been viewed 141 times (approximately a 50% view rate)
  • According to YouTube, only 76 clicks are from this page (approximately a 27% view rate)
  • I’m assuming everyone who’s seen it once has rewatched it. (Who wouldn’t?)
  • I’ve watched it at least 30 times

It seems that most of you are too lazy to watch the video. Either that, or you don’t trust me (see Nagato’s comment). Well here’s another video for you to watch.


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