The Official Suck Up To Baka-Raptor at Otakon Form


That’s right, I’m going to Otakon. Unlike all these hick conventions I’ve been attending, I actually expect to see people at Otakon. To keep the sucking-up process efficient, I’ll be assigning suck-up privileges based on your responses to the above form. The most impressive submissions get priority suck-up privileges. Feel free to edit the form as you see fit. If you don’t fill out the form, I will not allow you to suck up to me, no matter how much you beg, plead, pole-dance, or otherwise suck up to me.

(I was going to post a new Talk-A-Raptor episode, but korosora, who begged for a new episode, won’t add me to his blogroll, so you’re getting a crappy filler post instead)

40 people love sucking up to me

  1. I will go out of my way to edit that form despite my mac’s lack of editing software via excrutiating means involving sharks and angry gods if you answer me this – got hotel space for 3? My friends and I are kind of desperate T_T We’re willing to sleep in the bathtub, on the floor, i the closet, or whatever hilarious place you’d like to put us.

  2. Stop messing around with these Blatant Filler Posts baka-raptor, otherwise i’ll begin to call you Naruto-Raptor from now on!

  3. @Naruto-Raptor : why don’t you record your next (i mean NEXT POST) TALK-A-NARUTO-RAPTOR , very well fit in your new naruto-raptor costume (cosplayed) , at Otakon ???? Stop messing around with your fans πŸ˜‰ !!! every time i come to your site there’re these fillers… well…i hope these doesn’t get an entire season or worst, of filler posts.

    PS: I’ll Resume Sucking Up To You After The Fillers Are Over

  4. @digitalboy: Find a way to express your desperation on the form. Then I’ll think about it.

    @blissmo: Yes. I’ll save it for my 2010 Australia tour.

    @Patz: I just made another $55 for Otakon. I can’t believe how profitable I am.

    @Laguna Loire: Posting filler hurts me more than it hurts you. Believe it. Blame korosora.

  5. @Baka-Raptor I am working on my form now. But my biggest issue is figuring out where to crash whilst there. Is only a 2 hour drive there but sleeping in my car would be mighty lame. Oh well.

  6. Noooo….KOROSORA you bastard!! (…) Who is this korosora anyway ? I bet he is a naruto fan, isn’t it Naruto-Raptor ?

  7. @Patz: We’ll get some cheap ass hotel in the ghettos of Baltimore and drive to the con. There’s a reason I put hotel-sharing, car-driving, and body-guarding on the list.

    @Laguna: I heard his favorite character is Konohamaru.

  8. I spent about 30 minutes editing the form and it’s been deleted T_T There was a cute picture of your sexy raptor self sleeping on a confy bed with my friends and I on the floor and it’s all gone. Forseeing that this might happen, I kept the actual filled-in info on-hand.

    Your Name: Baka-Raptor’s Bitch, Digital Boy
    Sex: Male
    All that Apply: Yes, definitely, definately, of course, yes
    Duties: All. Though hotel sharing will really be on your part >_> however one of my friends could easily bodyguard us, he’s diesel. And drives.
    Cosplay? Maybe
    Picture: T_T
    100 words: One time my brother did something which I can’t even remember, but he felt bad about it, and I made him feel even worse and I told him that the only way to redeem himself was to put his face in the toilet. And he did. And it was glorious. In the name of taking up 51 more words, I will now grovel at your feet. you are a beautiful man. I would gladly ride your Raptor-shaft. Ot, if you just want me to stand a good 6 feet away from you, I’m fine with that too. PLEASE HOUSE ME!

  9. @Naruto-Raptor: Pheww… at last …coming from a filler fan , i’d assume that his favorite character was sakura, the biggest filler character from all the series (until she miracously gain extra power from tsunade’s training in Naruto SHI-Filler-DEN)…

  10. @digitalboy: Thank you for your submission. Results will be announced on July 15.

    @IcyStorm: Nice pic, but the essay was about 96 words too short.

    @Shin: I’d love to make a special guess appearance!

    @C.I.: If only IcyStorm were more like you…

  11. @Baka-Raptor I went ahead and emailed my form to you not sure if that is how you wanted it or not. And Hell yeah to Ghetto Hotel lol.

  12. @Patz: You went over the word limit. Don’t think I’m not counting. If you can’t stick to 100 words, how can I trust you to drive me around and get my food?

  13. @Baka-Raptor I guess I just felt that I needed to add some Sucking Up in there and somehow it ended up over the word limit. But can you really put a limit on Sucking Up?

  14. @digitalboy: Don’t worry about me; I’ll get over your death. Another freeloader will surely take your place.

    @Patz: Do you know why Chikaru is the best character on Strawberry Panic? The other girls have more suck-ups, but Chikaru is the only one who keeps her suck-ups in line. Sucking up is about pleasing the suck-upee, not the suck-upper. If your vision of sucking-up contradicts my expressed wishes, you’re only satisfying yourself.


    My blog is on Hiatus until Haruhi 2 is out, anyways.
    But fine. If the <5 hits that I get per day somehow end up clicking on my blogroll accidentally and land on your blog will make you post a new episode, BE IT!

    What naruto? I eat cheap ramen. <.<

    Bah, I don’t have the funds to go anywhere except the next Animazement.

    Now post the new episode for great justice!

  16. @Laguna Loire: Oh by the way, I’m just his twin. We are both part of the same genome project. Turns out Baka-Raptor got all the testosterone enhancements, while I became trap.

  17. @Baka-Raptor , @Korosora : Korosora and Baka-Raptor Twins ??? Can’t believe it !!! At least both like naruto anime.

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