MTAC 2008


Help! Police! Scar broke into my – oh wait, that’s just me. As promised, I redid my costume. There are two key differences between this version and my first attempt:

1. I applied the makeup with my index finger instead of my thumb

It’s less manly but damn effective.

2. I redrew the tattoo in permanent marker instead of washable marker

Some old lady yelled at me for using a permanent marker. Something about how I wouldn’t be able to get it off…I wasn’t paying attention. Neither were the laws of physics.




Me: 1, Sharpie: 0

When I was Harima last year at Tekkoshocon, I complained that 80% of all cosplayers represented less than 1% of all anime and video games.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Selling out kicks ass. Nobody knows Harima, but everybody knows Scar. Girls wanted my picture. Guys would grunt “SCAR!” in their gruffest voice while walking by. Some of them wanted pictures too, not that there’s anything geyyy about that. Scar is a man’s man, unlike those Ouran High School Host Club pedophiles. They think they’re so hot. Scar is hotter. I seduced one my fangirls by accidentally using the look down/look up technique. Her reaction:

“I love you…I mean…I love your costume”

The only girl who didn’t appreciate my costume was the dumb bitch working at the Jack In The Box drive-thru. Laugh at me, will you? Well guess what? You work at the Jack In The Box drive-thru! HAHAHAHAHA, I’ll have fries with that, bitch.


1. DIY Vacuum-Forming

If you thought my Scar costume was manly, wait until you check out Chris Lee’s badass Robotech suit. Be sure to watch the video on his site. The audience threw money on the stage.

Chris Lee’s next project is building a full-scale model of the Millennium Falcon. Holy shit…

2. Cosplay Contest

I didn’t enter (never got around to registering), but Al and Envy did.

Congratulations to Al for winning the intermediate-level cosplay award. Envy won nothing, so I taught him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Who needs Photoshop?


I split a $35 grab bag with another guy in the Dealer’s Room. Inside were:

  • An Axel plushie (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • A Tidus Action Figure (Final Fantasy X)
  • A girl’s t-shirt

I walked away with the Tidus Figure.

Now I can be a figure blogger for real.

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