Next Week: MTAC

Next weekend, I’ll be taking a break in the middle of finals to attend the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.

But Baka-Raptor, why would you go to an anime convention? Thousands of people go to anime conventions! Don’t you hate people?

Yes, but once in a while it’s important to do things that you hate, just to keep your hatred in perspective. Having done nothing remotely social this past year, it’s about time I got back in touch with the common man to reassess why I hate him so much. An anime convention is the perfect place to do this:

  • Unlike the real world, I can leave (and come back) whenever I want
  • They’ll surely overcharge for pizza, a great reason to go on a diet
  • I’ll be in disguise

But aren’t you ruining your disguise by posting it online?

That might be the case if anybody actually read this website. Also, this picture is only a pathetic dress rehearsal. I guarantee the real thing won’t suck as much.

1. Surprise, I know nothing about makeup

I applied it with my thumb. Judging by the results, that’s apparently not the proper technique.

2. Drawing on your arm is a pain in the ass

Contrary to popular belief, drawing a complex tattoo on your own arm isn’t easy. If I had any friends, I’d get them to do it for me.

3. I completely forgot about the clothes

It never occurred to me that I’d actually have to wear something. Scar in jeans and a t-shirt?

I also need to figure out which events to attend. Any suggestions? Here’s the schedule.

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