Did I mention Kure-nai sucks?

Picking up with the same three categories from last time:

1. The Plot is still Crap

The ending was terrible: [spoiler]

Murasaki, who’d supposedly given up on her freedom, conceived and brokered the most convenient compromise in the universe within minutes of Kurenai’s implausible yet predictable victory. Benika suddenly became the weakest character in the show (though she’s still the hottest). The family hellbent on raping and isolating their women suddenly turned soft and cuddly. Everybody lived happily ever after.


2. The Characters are still Crap

I take back what I said about Yayoi being the only good character – now she sucks too. We saw a flashback of her client getting killed while she was barely standing 20 feet away. Did she learn from her mistake? No, she hides and watches as Murasaki runs around town alone in the middle of the night and gets beaten by mobsters.

3. The Dialogue is still Crap

What’s all this crap about Murasaki falling in love? Kids don’t understand love. Adults barely know what they’re doing. High school girls are just as shallow as high school guys (if not shallower). Don’t even get me started on middle school girls. A middle school girl would fall in love with a trash can if it looked at her the right way. What’s a little kid supposed to know?

The rest of the show’s love/relationship dialogue sounds like it came straight from Ms. Cleo. Ever gone to a fortune teller? I’m not a dumbass either, but I’ve seen them on TV. Fortune telling is pandering to the highest degree. They’ll say something that sounds totally insightful, until you step back, think about it, and realize it’s the stupidest shit ever. That’s Kure-nai. Men back up their past relationships and women erase them? Stupidest shit ever.

So what? Kure-nai can be highly entertaining – if you don’t think. Is that so wrong? Of course not. It’s exactly the same as Kanokon (yeah, I went there). Kure-nai is entertaining crap. It’s not shitty enough to be good, but it’s about halfway there. And it’s probably awesome if you’re a pedophile.

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    I don’t even like Murasaki as much as I love Tamaki and Yamie. I don’t have to be a pedo to think kure-nai is awesome. I think it’s awesome because it is awesome.

  2. I’m not a masochist, so I didn’t even bother considering the idea of thinking about watching this series. As well as a dozen of other anime.

    Hm… truth to be told, the best series I’m currently watching are Abridged series. YuGiOh TAS, GAS, DN TAS… no need to watch the original series anymore. Maybe you should consider the idea of thinking about making your own abridged series? The more shitty the original series, the more potential of witticism on our side.

  3. I’m staying out of this one, since I haven’t seen Kurenai and can’t construct a lolworthy argument based on those basic facts of canon.

    That and I’m busy retro-blogging Speed Racer and Love Hina.

  4. >And it’s probably awesome if you’re a pedophile.


    Or maybe not, really. As much as I’d like to stand up for the show, the larger story that they somehow conjured up in the last four episodes or so doesn’t make much sense. Dialogue and characterization were rather weak as well. They must have burnt their production time on lame fighting scenes or something. It’s a pity, because the novel is pretty well written, and would have made for a much more fitting conclusion.

    Still, the series had its glorious moments. Episode 3, in particular, probably stands as the best anime episode I’ve seen in several years. Let’s consider the whole record.

  5. This is wrong. Kurenai is actually much more entertaining if you think about it. Granted, you can’t think of it like you would in real life–that’s what losers do.

  6. Omo is right, it’s designed to be thought about. The thing is just to think about it the right way. I found that the trick was to just kind of lean back and mull it over until I got distracted by a bright object or passing juvenile.

    The reason the end sucked was that it suddenly made me realise that all those classy episodes don’t actually add up to that much. Kurenai’s brilliant when it’s just a bunch of vaguely thought-provoking day to day stuff. Also, the cast is evidently supercool beyond compare.

  7. @IcyStorm: “I don’t even like Murasaki” – I accept your apology.

    @Kabitzin & C.I.: The only daytime TV I ever watched was The Price is Right, Jerry Springer, and reruns of The Cosby Show. No wonder I’m so love-challeneged…

    @Coaxen: Talk-A-Raptor episodes are pre-abridged. They actually last about two days. I just cut them to their most entertaining 4 minutes.

    @Asperger’s: I need to get back to retro-blogging Evangelion. This is my last Kure-nai post ever.

    @mt-i: I say the bigger picture hurts Kure-nai. Episode 3 is good as a standalone episode, but when you consider that the girl is supposed to be hiding, how can you get over her running around alone and revealing her identity?

    @issa-sa: But there’s plenty to analyze in Maid Guy! You said so yourself.

    @blissmo: Don’t let my opinions influence you, no matter how thoughtful and correct they may be. Give yourself some credit. If you stopped watching Kure-nai, it’s because you realized it sucks all by yourself.

    @omo: So I should think about it like a pedophile?

    @Omisyth: I promised to compare Kure-nai to Kanokon in my previous Kure-nai post. I keep my promises.

    @The/ID Sojourner: You know what they say about crappy reviews. Any by they, I mean I.

    @biankata: Then you’ll never watch Kure-nai. We all know the summer season is full of sleeper hits.

    @coburn: See “@mt-i”. The day to day stuff is cool – until you realize she’s supposed to be hiding and none of that shit should’ve ever happened.

  8. Poor Baka-raptor.

    maybe one day an animated series will give him a blowjob and then he’ll declare it the greatest show ever ecause of it.

  9. I really have to watch this show so i can know what all the fuss is about. Oh wait, I forgot , I gave up on anime. Darn

  10. “A middle school girl would fall in love with a trash can if it looked at her the right way.”

    ROFLS. I was like…WTF is up with the 4 year old wanting to hump stuff already? Then I stopped watching the show @ episode 4 and the questions went away.

    Until I read about there being a musical in it…nothing like horny little kids, smiley faces, and loud music right?

  11. @digitalboy: His just seems bigger because he has Benika to arouse him. Mine is permanently shriveled from 4 years of dealing with ugly CMU whores.

    @DrmChsr0: Is this where I give you an A for effort? Or a -9000/10? You 4chan trolls seem to think that’s clever.

    @thekungfukid: These are the times that try men’s souls. You’ll come around. ShizNat beckons.

    @Riex: Feel free to add that to your quote rotator. I’m thinking of adding one to my site. Full of my own quotes of course.

  12. Ahhh.
    There’s that delicious vitriol that I’ve come to relish.
    And I thought you were getting soft.

    (Odds are, “DrmChsr0” is imitating “Yahzee” Crowshaw’s standby throwaway phrase for shitty games that get lots of rave reviews. I’m certain there’s irony in there somewhere, but it’s not very delicious.)

  13. Benika hot? I dunno, her ears seem to be in the wrong place.

    “The ending was terrible”

    At least you distilled the ending better than I did.

  14. I want a Baka-Raptor: The Animated Series.
    And then have inconsistent animation quality.
    And then have a random musical episode.
    And have many, many slap-a-loli events.

    P.S. LOL most of my blog’s traffic is from your site… The Baka-Rapter bump?

  15. HAHAHAH @ The Sojouner [don’t tell me later if he was being sarcastic or not]. – not like I was ever thinking about Kurenai, I was just absorbed in it’s aweso…suck.

  16. @LJ: I’m not done yet (See @LDC)

    @issa-sa: As an optimist, I see your brain as half-alive

    @otou-san: Don’t ruin the one thing I liked about this show!

    @korosora: Take note bloggers: you add me to your blogroll, you get the Baka-Raptor bump! I’ll start writing the script for an animated series once Maddox gets his.

    @Lelangir: ID Sojourner is The Sojourner’s psychotic alter ego. Even I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic.

    @LDC: Uncreative comment is uncreative. Take your shitty memes back to 4chan.

  17. Oh, come on. If you at least would have tried harder to disguise the fact that all this blog is for drawing attention to yourself via making your readers rage.
    When you go to the “Everything is shit” mod, you simply reveal yourself as an Obvious troll. It’s amateurish.
    You are the one who should chack himself as being uncreative. How about, for example, NOT TROLLING for once? That might turn you into a better blogger.

  18. @LDC: I’m obvious precisely because I neither want nor expect my readers to take me seriously. I’m not some asshole troll who gets his kicks from tricking his readers or hurting their feelings (unless they’re being trolls [see comment 25], in which case I love it). Look around this site a bit more. It’s a comedy site. My readers laugh; they don’t “rage”. Read comment #10. That’s what I’m all about.

    I don’t blame you for assuming I’m a troll. I assumed you were a troll from your first comment. If I came across my site for the first time, I might assume I was a troll too. I don’t have time to analyze everyone on the internet. But give this site a closer look. It’s a lot more like your second comment than your first. Instead of constructing cheap attacks from internet memes, I make coherent controversial arguments in a lighthearted way. I welcome your arguments in return. Rule 14 doesn’t apply to my site. I treat respectable arguments with respect. May the best man win. If you can poke holes in my criticism of the plot, the characters, the dialogue, bring it to the table.

  19. Frankly, I think if they focused more on the day to day activities and less on the action and intrigue (unless it’s said part of normal day to day activities), I’d really really like it. As of now, I just like it. And they should make a “Day in the Like of Yayoi” episode in the future. 😛

  20. […] Noe has in all three categories of narration some degree of moe, probably. There are different qualities of moe, so perhaps cat-fighting moe is within the boundaries of what’s conceivable as moe, although I think I’ve an incorrect orientation towards viewing the typical loli as moe by default – loli is always moe (maybe so?) but moe need not limit itself within the territorial circumference of the loli. By the limits of the single narrator of Catcher, Phoebe is inherently limited to one interpretation of moe via Holden. Being in fourth grade, by American standards in K-12 education, she must have been ten to eleven years old. I’d say that easily counts as loli, being in elementary (primary or what have you) school. The dissonant part, however, is how intelligent Phoebe is (or can be), and such childish wit isn’t usually visible in the stereotypical loli. The funny thing is that when children are depicted as the clever things they are (they are smart, you know), they’re not coextensively lumped into the loli section (much to the chagrin of everyone who isn’t in the same camp as the casual Kure-nai hater). […]

  21. I can get over how stupid this ending is. We have this family that has been keeping their daughters locked up in a room and raping them for generations, and the big climax is that the girl decides to go back and “fight it from within”. It’s like Josef Fritzl’s daughter went back to the basement without telling anyone, to “change the system”.

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