Did I mention Kure-nai sucks?

Picking up with the same three categories from last time:

1. The Plot is still Crap

The ending was terrible: [spoiler]

Murasaki, who’d supposedly given up on her freedom, conceived and brokered the most convenient compromise in the universe within minutes of Kurenai’s implausible yet predictable victory. Benika suddenly became the weakest character in the show (though she’s still the hottest). The family hellbent on raping and isolating their women suddenly turned soft and cuddly. Everybody lived happily ever after.


2. The Characters are still Crap

I take back what I said about Yayoi being the only good character – now she sucks too. We saw a flashback of her client getting killed while she was barely standing 20 feet away. Did she learn from her mistake? No, she hides and watches as Murasaki runs around town alone in the middle of the night and gets beaten by mobsters.

3. The Dialogue is still Crap

What’s all this crap about Murasaki falling in love? Kids don’t understand love. Adults barely know what they’re doing. High school girls are just as shallow as high school guys (if not shallower). Don’t even get me started on middle school girls. A middle school girl would fall in love with a trash can if it looked at her the right way. What’s a little kid supposed to know?

The rest of the show’s love/relationship dialogue sounds like it came straight from Ms. Cleo. Ever gone to a fortune teller? I’m not a dumbass either, but I’ve seen them on TV. Fortune telling is pandering to the highest degree. They’ll say something that sounds totally insightful, until you step back, think about it, and realize it’s the stupidest shit ever. That’s Kure-nai. Men back up their past relationships and women erase them? Stupidest shit ever.

So what? Kure-nai can be highly entertaining – if you don’t think. Is that so wrong? Of course not. It’s exactly the same as Kanokon (yeah, I went there). Kure-nai is entertaining crap. It’s not shitty enough to be good, but it’s about halfway there. And it’s probably awesome if you’re a pedophile.

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