Library Wars Needs Less Library, More Wars

Library Wars took the badass premise of War and had to ruin it with Libraries. What’s next, Homework Dinosaurs? Income Tax Lesbians? Indian Food?

The lousy first impression doesn’t end with the title. I rarely skip an opening sequence in this golden age of crappy yet catchy j-pop intros, but honestly, if I want to see a lead character bawling her eyes out, I’ll rewatch Evangelion. You might not think it’s so bad when the crybaby is a girl, if you’re a sexist (which I’m not).


The plot is pretty ridiculous, but that’s been beaten to death.

The best thing about Library Wars is this awesome guy named Lieutenant Doujou who’s always yelling at the female lead for being imperfect. Verbal abuse builds character. To hell with free hugs. The male cast as a whole is refreshingly rugged, unlike all those weak-ass non-threatening sissy boys you typically see in shoujo anime.

Well developed minor characters
Simultaneous subplots
Comical victimization
Recurring random character(s)
Badass mid-episode transitions
Soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura
Themes of Hatred/Suffering/Revenge
Graphic violence
Non-pedophilic character design
Failed confessions
Amusing facial distortions
Pimp in a white suit
Soft-spoken girl voiced by Mamiko Noto
Time Travel
Showdown in a warehouse

Overally, the show is fairly good. Some of the girl-bloggers absolutely love it, so if you’re a girl and you read this site, I’m sure you’ll like it as well because you’re undoubtedly attracted to real men. As for my male readers…well, you could do a lot worse.

Final Grade: +

UPPDATE: Income Tax Lesbians might not be such a bad idea…

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  1. Considering the plot concerns an oppressive government in a dark future where people aren’t allowed freedom of speech, Library War is surprisingly light hearted. I expected something quite dark, violent and political. It’s a bit of a screwed up setting for a mostly light hearted romantic comedy….

  2. This is a pretty fair review. You should have mentioned how real men don’t just let women hit them for no reason; they retaliate by putting the woman in a real tight armbar!

  3. @Dancing Queen: Exactly like they look in my comic. I don’t make this stuff up.

    @C.I.: Damn right!

    @issa-sa: It’s true, I have great taste in men.

    @Punktaku: The plot as a whole has issues. I never understood why the government would sanction two armed militias to fight over books in the first place. Shouldn’t censorship issues be sent to the courts, or at least an administrative adjudication?

    @digitalboy: I don’t think I’ve ever dropped an anime in 15 minutes. Either I drop it in the first 5 minutes or I sit through the whole first episode.

    @dood: The roommate did admit she’d sleep around to get ahead. It’s a shame there aren’t many women in the higher ranks of the Library Task Force.

    @Kabitzin: You make it sound as though some of my reviews aren’t fair.

  4. I really wanted it to make some point about censorship or something (beyond a token mention in a couple episodes), but instead it was just kind of a light-hearted pseudo-romance with a sports-style plot arc. Not bad though, Iku and Doujo were both decent characters and the animation was good.

  5. “…so if you’re a girl and you read this site, I’m sure you’ll like it as well because you’re undoubtedly attracted to real men. As for my male readers…well, you could do a lot worse.”

    If your female readers are all attracted to real men, then your male readers are all attracted to loli traps at this point.

  6. 1st post of the 6th season, i’m so excited about how things will keep gooing in this season.
    Let’s analyse it : an mini-anime review with no pics (but one embeded movie), with the famous baka-raptor’s checklist, and perfectly graded rating. put some salt and pepper and you get something like this :


  7. @A Day Without Me: Harsh words. Especially considering how quick he is to spam ShizNat (Or condemn paedophilia for all problems not caused by trollikit/”shallow bitch” du jour. But that’s secondary to the ShizNat).

  8. @otou-san: Yeah. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. Enjoyable, but not good enough to be one of the five shows that restored my faith in anime.

    @A Day Without Me: What is this “loli traps” you speak of? Perhaps you misspelled “liar plots”, which all my male readers are definitely attracted to.

    @Laguna: I wrote this review from my desktop. The pics were on my laptop, and I was too lazy to get it out of my backpack.

    @LJ: I really ought to link to that post more often.

    @biankita: You know what would make this show perfect? Maid Guy.

  9. The show was alright… I agree the entire library aspect was pretty dumb. The war stuff could have been cool if it wasn’t so cheesy 80’s style action. Might as well been watching a crappier animated version of the A-Team.

  10. @Baka-Raptor: This is when the slacker +100% factor/”status effect”/attitude comes into play. acceptable.

  11. @Shin: So I take it your sense of decency dramatically shouted out “I REFUSE TO DIE BY YOUR TECHNIQUE!” and flung itself from a rooftop years ago?

  12. @Epi: I think we’ll have to agree to agree.

    @lolikit: Another song parody I know nothing about? I can explain my obliviousness to the music industry through tear-jerking stories if you’re interested.

    @Laguna: Status effects – I’m immune to poison but vulnerable to sleep.

    @Shin: In one of the episodes, some of the characters are tested on their ability to read books to little kids. Do I have your attention?

    @Michael: So you have high standards for women and low standards for comedy.

    @LJ: If you’ve read his site, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  13. Gah! Emergent properties of potential changes to thirty-two-year-old burden of proofs…! Damn good thing they didn’t go on, or I would have become too flustered to remember to breathe.
    (I had checked. That only confused the issue further. My psychological eyeglass collection does not include “pædophilia”.)

  14. So, doesn’t relate at all to the post, but I noticed that you have a poll about cosplaying… I think you should forget the two you have listed and go as, I dunno, Misuzu from Air. It’d be so win. That or one of the Simoun girls.

  15. Finaaaaaaaaly some pictures, i guess baka-raptor healed from his slacking with an elixir. (always avaible at the best shops for 1000 gil…)

  16. @LJ: So you actually looked it up. I’d expect nothing less of Detective Dipshit.

    @Michael: Get thee to a Page-Rank-Three.

    @A Day Without Me: I think I’ll do Halibel from Bleach.

    @Laguna Loire: Actually, I used a potion.

    @biakita: If you liked Library Wars, you’ll love Income Tax Lesbians!

  17. While I looked that up too, I was referring instead to checking Shin’s site.
    I’m gonna quit beating around the bushes here: A trap-loving pedo’s site is indistinguishable from a fifteen year old girl’s site.

  18. As soon as I saw the title I knew this article was for me. I have recently finished the anime and I will agree it needed more Gun battles…It was a a lot of “Feelings” and yes the main character did cry…all the time. It was her default reaction.

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