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Gantz: Manliest Anime Manga Ever?

As you can infer from this kickass manga shot, I’m not trying to bullshit you about manliness like all those feminine hygiene commercials. If you buy anything that’s marketed asĀ  “_______ for men,” you’re a tool. It’s just like X-treme […]

Kemonozume: Style + Substance?

I don’t care about style. Whether characters look pointy or retarded doesn’t matter to me as long as I get a good story. What I do find annoying is when unconventional style becomes the focal point of the anime. Style […]

Library Wars Needs Less Library, More Wars

Library Wars took the badass premise of War and had to ruin it with Libraries. What’s next, Homework Dinosaurs? Income Tax Lesbians? Indian Food? The lousy first impression doesn’t end with the title. I rarely skip an opening sequence in […]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Epic

When I use the word epic, I don’t cheapen it like everyone else on the internet: epic cat fight Second most epic song on the show epic banana peel slip epic win Epic wasn’t meant to be some watered-down internet […]