Month: December 2009

Fate/stay night Death List

Fate: 1. Quit the Holy Grail War Given my extensive Choose You Own Adventure experience, I didn’t expect to ever die, so I impulsively picked the game’s most obvious wrong answer just to experience one of those BAD ENDs I’ve […]

Yuri is a lot like Mecha

(From Maddox’s Comic) Last season I was watching this lesbian show called Aoi Hana. It started off pretty slow, but approximately halfway into the series, one of the girls got dumped. Perfect. All the slow-moving drama would pay off tenfold […]

An Unbiased Review of God Hand

Five things that sucked: 1. Voice Acting Much of the dialogue was kind of clumsy, and this is coming from a guy who’s relatively accepting of crappy voice acting. Bear in mind, I’m not talking about the voices that are […]