Month: May 2008

Five Manly Anime OP/EDs

Warning: First of all, this is a blatant filler post (I’m still on hiatus). Secondly, these are simply “Five Manly” themes, not “The Five Manliest” or “The Five Best” themes. If you want to bitch about an omission, keep it […]

The Perfect Way to End a Series

Step 1: Get Somebody Pregnant Pregnancy = Closure. There’s no question that pregnancy can’t answer: Did X and Y ever get together? Did X and Y ever patch up their stormy relationship? Did Y die without an heir? Who’s the […]

The Video Game Rule

People v. Goetz, 73 N.Y.2d 751 (Nov 22, 1988): Goetz entered a NYC subway car and sat down next to four young men. One of them said to Goetz, “Give me five dollars.” After the second request for money, Goetz […]