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Grouching about Oscar

Some say Rose of Versailles is as good as it gets. I say it has been better gotten. There’s one huge objective flaw that should keep anyone from giving RoV a perfect score. Most of the RoV characters are actual […]

Is Kamina GAR?

Quick, name a GAR character. Did you say Kamina? Why not Guts, Kenshiro, or Golgo 13? Why is it Kamina’s name that’s synonymous with GAR? I asked the OH! Team to enlighten me. Baka-Raptor: I don’t get it. Why does […]

Ranking the Women of Canaan

Ranking can be a tedious process. I’m way too lazy to work my way through O(n log n) algorithms. Luckily, the intro sequence saved me the trouble: #1: Alphard But Baka-Raptor, you’re not supposed to start with #1! Going in […]