Flower Girl vs. Kibure: An Objective Analysis


Round 1: Episode 14

Kibure: Watched it five times, never saw her

Flower Girl: Appeared thrice

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 2: Macross 7 Dynamite OVA

Flower Girl: Didn’t appear in it

Kibure: Didn’t appear in it

Advantage: Draw

Round 3: Commercial Bump

Flower Girl: Got one in the Fleet of the Strongest Women OVA, the best part of Macross 7

Kibure: Got stuck with the naked guy

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 4: Degree of Difficulty

Flower Girl: Usually impossible to miss

Kibure: Usually hidden in the background

Advantage: Kibure

Round 5: Quest

Flower Girl: To give a guy some flowers

Kibure: To find all the parts of her dinosaur costume

Advantage: Kibure

Round 6: Success

Flower Girl: In theory.

Kibure: Still missing a leg. Maybe she would’ve found it in episode 14.

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 7: Overexposure

Flower Girl: Arguable. At times she blurred the line between recurring random character (awesome) and irrelevant minor character (annoying).

Kibure: Didn’t appear in episode 14.

Advantage: Kibure

Round 8: Fashion sense

Flower Girl: Dresses like Raptorko

Kibure: Dresses like Raptorko

Advantage: Draw

Round 9: Stores that tell you exactly what they are

Flower Girl: Went to one in episode 11

Kibure: Might’ve gone to one in episode 14

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 10: AMV Potential

Flower Girl: That song I heard in Dumb & Dumber

Kibure: No clue. Maybe that song I heard in that AutoTrader commercial.

Advantage: Flower Girl

Winner: Flower Girl (5-3-2)

31 Replies to “Flower Girl vs. Kibure: An Objective Analysis”

    • Infinite Ryvius: ++

      Flower Girl: The primary reason I was able to survive the first third of Macross 7, the secondary reason being Veffidas. When all else fails, gimmickry comes to the rescue.

  1. Whoa that was a quick post!
    U seem to know so many new animes which I havent even heard of!
    Your posts are funny as always 🙂

    • Sometimes I update two days in a row just to screw with everyone.

      It’s amazing how much time you can spend watching anime when you don’t spend any time studying or making friends.

    • Kibure was the better character for 25/26 episodes. It’s her failure to show up in episode 14 that killed her. She broke a sacred covenant with the viewers. I’ve been bitter about it for years.

  2. I’m disappointed in Kibure’s loss, anyone who dresses in a dinosaur suit always deserves to win because they’re obviously more comfortable with themselves.

  3. Flower girls huh ? That reminds me of Aerith and Final Fantasy VII…So after all these years are you still searching for kibure (and her missing leg) in that one episode ? hmmm…I guess you’re searching in the wrong place… try reading the manga instead of watching the anime, have you ever considered that ?

    • Somebody actually used that song to make an Aeris AMV.

      Never thought of reading the manga. Didn’t even know one existed. First, I require confirmation that Kibure is in it.

  4. Not none one, but two posts since I last looked?! I thought patent attorneys needed a set of working eyes? For the love of Raptorko, rest them!!

    [Having seen neither of those two shows, but having the urge to spam] That is all.

  5. never heard of it….

    but at least, I knew flower girls exists.
    but, there is such an obscure reality that kibure [really don’t understand it] even exist such as a girl who was picking dinosaur pieces..

    in order for kibure to win the match against the flower girl, she must attain an artifact(at least dating to millions of years ago) that will save her… or at least still badly beaten by flower girl because fowers exist about 425 million years ago and dinosaurs walk the earth 230 million years ago…

    probability of losing to flower girl: 4×10 raised to the 15th power flowers used for she/he loves me not to one small bone of the smallest dinosaur.

    • Flower Girl and Kibure both live on spaceships for the majority of their shows, so I decided to ignore the Earth-based geologic time scale when comparing the two, just to keep things objective.

      Flower Girl had a consistently decreasing probability of success due to her idol getting more and more popular and thus harder to get to throughout the show. Kibure had a consistently increasing probability of success since she kept finding stuff. Flower Girl just got lucky.

  6. probably you’re right…

    well, at least space travelling was close as possible as flying a pancake.

    I guess she just got the break due to earlier statement of freshness due to feminism that signifies by her flowers.

    while kibure didn’t finished her costume that will plummet her to the highest position.

  7. I lost count of how many times I watched that god damned episode. The dialogue, already mind-numbing with its pretentious ‘I know how all teenager brains work’ bent, steadily lost anything approaching meaning. All communication in Ryvius and out, from my speakers and from my friends, degenerated into a dull, human bleat. The frames, being dull and cold, scrubbed innumerable times, became familiar and meaningless shapes of un-art. And Kibure? Her attitude was already annoying, but my hatred of her was sealed with her nonexistence where it counted.
    Fuck I wanna punch a mascot.

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