Month: May 2009

You are reading a post about Haruhi

In case you’re curious, the opening pic is from a Haruhi doujin about a dinosaur that makes itself at home in Mikuru’s cleavage. If you don’t want to find this doujin, don’t click on any of these links. Onto the […]

A Biased Review of Crystalis: Part I

Crystalis was the best RPG for the NES. Zelda sucked. Final Fantasy sucked. Then came Crystalis—a game so brilliant, so captivating, so devoid of pedophilia that it would surely take the gaming world by storm. Unfortunately, it came out so […]

The 2009 Baka-Raptor Awards

Best Episodic Blog Baka-Raptor Best Editorial Blog Baka-Raptor Best Team Blog Baka-Raptor Best Manga Blog Baka-Raptor Most Influential Blog Baka-Raptor Rookie of the Year Baka-Raptor Funniest Blog Baka-Raptor Best Satire Blog Baka-Raptor Best Seiyuu-Oriented Blog Baka-Raptor Most Thought-Provoking Blog Baka-Raptor […]

A Game? Why Didn’t You Say So?!

After watching two episodes, I was ready to shelve Eden of the East for a marathon. It wasn’t bad, but aside from the animation quality, it didn’t strike me as anything promising. Memory loss. Biblical allusions. Male nudity. None of […]

The Best Legal Analysis You’ll Ever Read

It’s funny because it’s relevant I recently took at a look at the Odex v. Pacnet decisions that the Singaporean bloggers have been raving about. Were they properly decided? Worth the hype? Moral victories with little practical effect? As always, […]