The 2009 Baka-Raptor Awards

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The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice Baka-Raptor
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Best Balance of Watching Anime and Having a Social Life Baka-Raptor
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Congratulations on winning all 34 BRAs! How many BRAs do you have now?


You won Rookie of the Year twice in a row! That’s never happened before, for anything, ever!

Yeah, I was surprised too.

How did the BRAs make it back for a second year, whereas the Anime Blog Awards disbanded after one?

Unlike the BRAs, the ABAs were a circle jerk for the establishment that collapsed due a lack of popular support. Just look at all these crappy blogs that got more votes than me:

Whatever happened to the Best Dorama category?

It was a bullshit category nobody cared about.

But if it were still around, you’d win it, right?

I would never be so presumptuous.

How did you win the award for Most Pornographic Blog? I’ve never seen anything remotely pornographic on your site. Wouldn’t you be more qualified to win Most Family Friendly Blog?

You’d think so. As much as I love nipples, you won’t find one anywhere on this site. But these awards are based on the opinions of the community at large, not my opinions alone. For example, Maestro of didn’t think my site was family friendly enough to list on his aggregator. Putting that into perspective, Maestro’s standards for family friendliness are so low that he listed Sankaku Complex’s Strap-On Domination gallery twice:

I must have the most pornographic blog in the universe. And Maestro must really love strap-ons.

Your site has original content and may actually be interesting to anyone who isn’t a blogger. So how did you win Best Metablog?

It’s quite simple: whenever I post a link, people click on it. Always. No matter what. From over three years of sticking badass links in my posts, my readers know that every link they see on my site is worth clicking. It’s called credibility.

Aren’t your links only worth clicking because 90% of them lead back to your earlier posts?


What’s your hit/comment ratio?


How did you achieve the best balance between watching anime and having a social life?

100% anime, 0% social life. There’s no better balance.

So you never talk to anyone, ever?

That is correct.

Not even Instant Messaging, IRC, Twitter, or any of that other never-ending girl talk?

That is correct.

Give us one example of your Relevant Commentary.


Do you really have the Most Consistent Blog? I thought you site was full of filler posts and you’re always on hiatus.

Actually, the longest break I’ve ever taken lasted only two weeks, and that was three years ago when I had to leave the country. I’ve only declared hiatus once since then. It lasted one month and witnessed seven posts, including original artwork and video blogging. Only one of those was truly a bullshit filler post.

But updates have seemed kind of slow lately…

Screw you, I’m half blind from eye strain. I’ll update more when I recover. Either that or I’ll go completely blind and never update again.

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