Five Manly Anime OP/EDs

Warning: First of all, this is a blatant filler post (I’m still on hiatus). Secondly, these are simply “Five Manly” themes, not “The Five Manliest” or “The Five Best” themes. If you want to bitch about an omission, keep it short & sweet (i.e. a link to the video and explain your pick through my “Nothing is manlier than ______” format). In fact, I won’t approve any suggestion-related comments that are too bitchy (i.e. any comment that doesn’t stick to my exact format). Finally, I only put up five because I don’t expect anyone to watch more than five videos in a single post, and these were the first five that came to mind.

Under Star (Hajime no Ippo OP)


Nothing is manlier than Boxing.

Get Wild (City Hunter ED)


Nothing is manlier than Ryo’s pose at 0:12 (-0:57).

Song of Power (Eyeshield 21 ED)


Nothing is manlier than a Song of Power (and a woman doing your laundry).

Alastia (Mnemosyne OP)


Nothing is manlier than a sadistic immortal lesbian voiced by Mamiko Noto.

Wild Rock (Saiyuki Reload OP)


Nothing is manlier than that 4-measure intro (used in Talk-A-Raptor 01).


IKnight is the clear winner here. I was blown away after 5 seconds:


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