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In case you’re curious, the opening pic is from a Haruhi doujin about a dinosaur that makes itself at home in Mikuru’s cleavage.

If you don’t want to find this doujin, don’t click on any of these links.

Onto the point of the post: I read the Haruhi light novel. Here’s how it happened:

  • I was at a bookstore
  • Haruhi was the only light novel there
  • $8.99

Conclusion: The Anime is exactly like the Light Novel

Before the part-time philosophers get on my case about the inevitable role of directorial discretion or the impossibility of two things ever being exactly the same, no, you’re wrong. The anime is exactly like the light novel. 100%. Except without that out-of-order episode idiocy. With that said, the rest of my comments shouldn’t surprise you.

Three Things That Rocked:

Three Things That Sucked:

  • Even less artwork than Strawberry Panic
  • Too much pedophilia
  • 75 pages before we find out that an SOS Brigade member isn’t a normal human

A few more thoughts:

  • Sarcastic mental asides work better in book format
  • Dialogue and rape work better in video format
  • I finally know why Haruhi stopped changing her hair every day
  • Kyon’s initial distaste for Koizumi is more noticeable in the book
  • Given the last sentence of the epilogue, I’m curious how the series continues…

Overall, it’s a solid read, though I’d probably enjoy it more if it hadn’t been spoiled by the anime (assuming I wouldn’t drop it before page 76). I’d also enjoy the book more in Choose Your Own Adventure format. Holy shit that would rule. I demand royalties if it ever comes out.

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