Month: January 2010

An Unbiased Review of Metal Gear Solid 3

Three things that sucked: 1. Para-Medic According to Wikipedia: Para-Medic is a FOX support team member who provides Naked Snake with surgical and medical information as well as general information on the local flora and fauna. I beg to differ. […]

I Double-Endorse Queen’s Blade

All it took for Queen’s Blade to win my endorsement was a single episode. Twenty-three episodes later, I’m doubling down. I wouldn’t watch Queen’s Blade if it had a shitty story. Forget for a moment the stereotype that hentai/ecchi/fanservice anime […]

New Year’s Resolutions: 2010

1. Fix my Eyes A year of pain deserves a year to fix. Here’s the story so far: Eleven months ago: I experience discomfort in my eyes, assume I can walk it off Eight months ago: I watch K-ON, ruin […]