New Year’s Resolutions: 2010

1. Fix my Eyes

A year of pain deserves a year to fix. Here’s the story so far:

  • Eleven months ago: I experience discomfort in my eyes, assume I can walk it off
  • Eight months ago: I watch K-ON, ruin my eyes permanently
  • Five months ago: Doctor #1 diagnoses me with blepharitis
  • Two weeks ago: Doctor #2 sees no signs of blepharitis, diagnoses me with ocular migraines
  • Last week: Doctor #3 says the ocular migraines diagnosis was bullshit
  • Upcoming this week: MRI, visual field tests, exophoria tests

Until I fix my eyes, updates will continue to be slow, comments will continue to be ignored, I will continue to watch less anime, and my website will continue to go downhill.

2. Watch Eureka Seven and Rahxephon

I’m currently two for two on my “watch ______” resolutions. This year I figured I’d heighten the degree of difficulty. Can Baka-Raptor watch TWO robot anime in ONE year? Only time will tell.

3. Learn to Draw

I made this resolution two years ago and suspended it. I’ll probably get much farther now that I actually have something I want to draw. Still, judging by my latest artistic calamity, I’ve got a long way to go.

4. Show Wikipedia who’s Boss

I used to own Google.

This is definitive evidence that my website is going downhill.

If you support my cause, link to my Naruto Filler post in every post you write.

5. Start using RSS

Never got around to it last year, will attempt again.

Final Evaluation: New Year’s Resolutions: 2009

Last year I posted five resolutions. Here’s how they turned out:

1. Start using RSS

As long as Anime Nano exists, I will keep putting this off.

Status: Extended

2. Create a MAL Account

Done. Also added ratings for every anime I’ve completed.

Status: Completed

3. Respond to E-mail

I received 139 non-spam e-mails over the past year:

  • About half were automated messages that didn’t require a response (Notifications of comment replies, MyAnimeList, Facebook [haven’t signed on in over a year], Google repeatedly telling me I got spam-hacked [which is why this site didn’t show up on Google for about a month], etc.)
  • There was a fair amount of blogging collaboration e-mail. I responded as appropriate.
  • I responded to all of the advice e-mails.
  • I didn’t respond to many of the fan art e-mails, but I always posted the fan art.
  • I didn’t respond to many of the “look at this picture/video” e-mails, but I always looked.
  • I ignored most link exchange e-mails.
  • There were no pure up-sucking e-mails. They died out around the time I added comments to this site.

All in all, I didn’t stick to my resolution to respond to every e-mail. Not that I care. If you send me an e-mail, I will read it. You win.

Status: Dropped

4. Watch Gantz

Done. Also caught up on the manga.

Status: Complete

5. ______________

Forgot to pick a resolution from the comments. I’ll do it next year.

Status: Suspended

57 Replies to “New Year’s Resolutions: 2010”

  1. w00t, watching RahXephon and Eureka Seven. Even though neither particularly sounds like something you’d be all that excited about, but you do surprise me sometimes. You should watch Majin Tantei Nugami Neuro, which I just posted about. Sucks about yer eyes there, pal.

  2. Not sure if it’ll help with beating Wikipedia, but you can try putting the words “Naruto filler” a few more times in your “Naruto filler” post.

    The more you draw, the better you get at it… supposedly. hasn’t happened to me yet.

  3. By the way couldn’t we raise your post by googling ‘naruto filler’ and then clicking on the up-arrow next to the entry? If a lot of people do this it should become considered the most important result, right?

  4. when i start writing about Naruto…. when i actually start watching it… i’ll so link to that “filler” in every post i make that has to do with Naruto. 😀

    Shame about your eyes. Medical problems are a bitch to deal with. I’m going through a lot right now health wise too. Hope it all works out in the end!

    • It seems that blepharitis isn’t the root cause of my eye discomfort. I had it at some point, but the symptoms are gone now, and I don’t feel much different.

    • I’ve already read the Rahxephon manga (seems completely different than the anime) and saw an episode of Eureka 7. These were both several years ago, so I don’t remember much. Regardless, I’m already a bit familiar with both series, so the order doesn’t make much of a difference to me.

  5. Okay, firstly, I am not a doctor, etc. etc.

    I was diagnosed with blepharitis just last week. It’s something that comes and goes, and so it makes sense that one doctor might see it one week and another might not another week. My optician just advised a warm flannel (at about the temperature that would “melt chocolate”) over my closed eyes for two minutes every morning, followed by a soft massage of the eyes (again, whilst closed lol). I’ve only been doing it for three days, but I’ve already noticed a huge improvement.

    I have no idea what country you’re in, I’m just a random visitor from AnimeNano, but I’m slightly amazed you’re getting an MRI for an eye complaint so soon. Seems like overkill to me, but, as I said, I’m not a doctor.


  6. If you’re tired with self-teaching methods on drawing, I can help a bit. I’m a little output-sensitive, though, so I think I’ll be a bit of trouble…

    • I’m not tired of self-taught drawing methods. My biggest problem is that I haven’t practiced much. My training for now will be to just draw one picture every day. If I can get into a good routine like that, real training may follow.

  7. Raptors are vulnerable to blind and sleep aren’t they ? maybe a “remedy” would work instead of an “eyedrops”, but not always the case… have you tried that ?

    Eureka Seven is a badass mecha show, the theme is not about robot with feelings, but worst than that: plants with feelings.

    You still own google, take a look at this simple search that i made on goole a few minutes ago =>

  8. I will do my share for you to own Google again just for the Maid Guy badges. I will put random, obscure links on yaoi posts just for you.

  9. Here’s something to maybe help you out on your drawing resolution:

    I hadn’t drawn since I was in… elementary school, maybe. I tried this tutorial on a whim in college and my version came out pretty damn well. I’m sure there’s better, more proper learning material out there, but this is something that felt down to earth, produced good results right out the gate, and got me going.

    Props to whoever did Moe-Raptor.

    As for picking up mecha anime, looking at your MAL, I would recommend Gunbuster/Diebuster or another Gundam (I say SEED).

  10. Oh, Gunbuster. If you don’t get high on viewing cool robot designs, you will have trouble with that one.
    I’d recommend it anyway for educational reasons, but given that you neither seem to like robot nor sci-fi, I don’t.


    It contains a lot of whining and crying and apathy. Also, lots of girls doing girlish things. It’s not exactly moe, but most likely just the 80s variant of it. So expect jiggling breasts and nude breasts. It starts off as totally nonsensical events in a totally nonsensical high-school setting. Later on there will be nonsense-science and almost-nonsense-science trampling on your brain. In the end, there will be a few very one-sided battle scenes. Inbetween expect crybabies being told to believe in themselves and also some deep philosophy nonsense like “Does God exist”? and “Does humanity have the right to hurt the environment?”.

    Oh, and if you should happen to watch it with speakers turned on, expect to like it regardless of everything stated above. Tanaka Kouhei and Wakamoto Norio will blow all justified criticism to smithereens.

    Diebuster basically took out all the good things (like the male badass side-character), added some moemoe to the mix and either recycled or parodied the rest. Even if you liked Gunbuster, you won’t like Diebuster.


  11. My dentist today told me that mine should be to floss… i told her to shove it up her ass

    in reality.. start going to the gym more… not watch as much porn… yanno the usual

  12. Will it count in your favour if I link to your Naruto filler post in one of my blog posts? I’m going to be doing a quick review of Chu-Bra! along with a thorough post-mortem of the upcoming League 2 fixture between Aldershot Town and Bradford City in the context of one of MY New Years Resolutions to do NASCAR takes only if they can referenced to Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei in some way. So will that literary stratagem support your just and noble cause?

    As for your drawing and art, your stuff is just fine. Don’t mess with what works so well for you. No need to go all Julian Schnabel on us.

  13. Heyyy, sup Baka. Meh, I’m sure you want to get the drawing better for yourself, but personally I think it works, and the whole moe raptor was pretty funny. RSS I’m definitely bad with too. There are soo many blogs I WANT to keep up with, but forget about a lot. Not because I don’t care but primarily because of time…or my parents getting pissed at me being on the computer so much. Ah, and gratz on the Naruto post! I might link a little later. Peace out.

  14. My resolutions for 2010 are
    Draw a manga, watch code geass 1 and 2, gurren lagann, get a better job…and God forgive me…blogging the rest of the Queens Blade s2 episodes I missed…orz

    Many things to do this year.

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