Month: August 2008

Season 5: Sellout

Prehistoric fans of this site know that I organize my archives into half-year seasons. This is no longer necessary because WordPress automatically archives my posts; nevertheless, it’s a tradition I shall continue. Today marks the end of Season 5, the […]

An Unbiased Review of RenAi Blogger

Translation note for us commoners: “RenAi” means dating simulation game. Ever wanted to date your favorite anime blogger? Sorry, I’m not in this game. But Hinano (creator), CJ, UsagiJen, NyaChan, and Impz are! If you play it right, you get […]

Otakon 2008

lolikit took that picture. I met some other bloggers as well… The dealers room stretched as far as the eye can see, which would probably be awesome if I cared. Shopping blows. When I get married, I’m giving my wife […]