“Kei” must be Japanese for “20 times better than the first season”

I’m talking about xxxHoLiC Kei, the second season of the deceptively erotic xxxHoLiC franchise. It showed signs of improvement right from the opening, which is all Yuko and sans Watanuki for the first 40 seconds.


Then the show temporarily goes downhill. Watanuki couldn’t wait more than 30 seconds to throw his first bitchy tantrum of the season. Then he lost an eye, which made it all worthwhile. Later he turns into Kaiji.

For a split second, Watanuki almost looked manly.

So Watanuki still sucks, Yuko is still a side character, and the annoying fake lesbian kids are still fake lesbians and still annoying kids. None of my brilliant suggestions bore fruit. How, you ask, can the second season be any better than the first if the characters are exactly the same? The answer is simple: the second season has a much better plot. Attention all plot-doesn’t-matter whores: you may now line up to kiss my ass.

Unlike the episodic first season, the second season contains several threads that give the show a sense of continuity, such as the balloons, the cherry tree, Doumeki’s grandfather, and that emotionally dead little girl who gets abused by her mother and threatened by the general public. And did I mention Watanuki loses his eye?

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