Karna: The Hero Fate/Apocrypha Needed, Not The Hero It Deserved

The hero Comiket needed, not the hero it deserved.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. My petition to get Krauser-tan into SaiMoe fell on deaf ears. My petition to get Karna into the Fate franchise was wildly successful. The comments got hijacked by Indians. I received a fawning email from Kinoko Nasu.

Dearest Baka-Raptor,

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. My works are incredibly profitable. My characters all suck.

I’ve been so captivated by your post on Karna that I promise to include him in an upcoming installment of my Fate franchise. I’ll call it Fate/Apocrypha and release the first volume on December 29, 2012. The anime will have to wait a bit longer, probably until around July 2, 2017, give or take a few years.

I think I’ll turn Karna into a scrawny white guy, which is totally cool, because I turned King Arthur into a chick. Then I’ll make him a Lancer for some reason, even though he’s most famous for archery and riding. As for his rival in the Holy Grail War…how about Vlad the Impaler? Sure, they have no common lore, traits, or beliefs, but somebody has to fight Vlad. It may as well be Karna, right?

Obviously, Karna can’t win the Holy Grail War. That would be too predictable. We can’t make the show too good either; that would distract the viewers from Karna’s greatness. I think a single plus (+) tier anime would be ideal.

Actually, you know what, I suck at writing, so assuming you don’t inexplicably go blind next year, why don’t you write Fate/Apocrypha for me?

Warmest regards,

Kinoko Nasu

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    • Glad you don’t require any more proof, as it was all lost in the Great Evidence Fire of 2011.

      • It was “I think I’ll turn Karna into a scrawny white guy, which is totally cool, because I turned King Arthur into a chick. Then I’ll make him a Lancer for some reason, even though he’s most famous for archery and riding.” that convinced me.

  1. Nothing to say about this post since I know nothing about the Fate franchise, but I just watched the new live-action Fullmetal Alechemist movie and I have to say that I don’t get all the negativity it’s getting.

    It’s not great or anywhere near as good as both anime series are, but it was really decent. Or dare I say it was actually pretty good. Especially considering how much these movies usually suck. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected fucking shitty movie and I got decent movie instead. I mean were people expecting it to be as good as the anime. Of course it’s not going to be as good. Maybe my own expectations were just so low that I could actually appreciate what they did with it. They hit many key scenes from the anime and the scenes/things they changed weren’t horrible decisions. The acting was decent enough, the special effects didn’t suck, it told a good story and I actually laughed couple times.

    My final score is 7/10. However, if somebody decides to watch it because of things that I just said don’t blame me if you hate it. I’m not recommending it to anyone. I personally enjoyed it and I wanted to say that. My friend also enjoyed it. We watched it together. He doesn’t watch anime so he doesn’t know anything about what scenes were original and what weren’t and he really enoyed it too. So hey, at least 1 anime fanboy and 1 casual movie watcher enjoyed this movie.

    • It appears to be available for rental in Japan. I may watch it out of whatever the opposite of spite is, but if I’m spiteful afterwards, you’ll be hearing about it.

  2. I just read your post about Karna. Truly a GAR individual. I tried to get into Fate/Apocrypha, but I just couldn’t really latch onto it like Fate/Stay Night, Carnival Phantasm, Fate/Zero, or even Prisma Iilya (Though the amount of loli fanservice I had to endure to get to the interesting parts left me feeling more and more tainted each day and I had to drop it.) Maybe one of these years it will draw me in.

    • Are you trying to bait me into a proper review of Fate/Apocrypha?

      I liked it overall, but it’s not a must-watch, either for its own merit or as a part of the franchise (I think). A few good points:
      – (The inclusion of) Karna
      – Relationship between Mordred and Necromancer
      – Relationship between Jeanne and Sieg
      – Seeing a proper end to a Holy Grail War

      • Baited.

        I was really just lamenting how I Just couldn’t seem to get into the series like I did with the others. Kinda makes me wonder if I just find Fate/Apocrypha boring, or if I’m not that big a fan of the Fate/Series like I thought I kinda was. Sorta like how I thought I was a fan of the “semi-colon” series, but I thought Chaos;Head, Robotics; Notes, and Occultic;Nine were at best kinda average, even though i really liked Steins;Gate.

  3. I was really disappointed with how Mordred died actually. Mainly because that was when it hit me that Mordred was a side character.

  4. I am inclined to believe this.
    On a more serious note, you might be happy to find out that Arjuna looks much more authentic in Fate/Grand Order . Too bad that Fate/Grand Order has a way too inconsistent quality plot-wise and is also a gambling scam/cash grab.

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