The Perfect Way to End a Series

Step 1: Get Somebody Pregnant

Pregnancy = Closure. There’s no question that pregnancy can’t answer:

  • Did X and Y ever get together?
  • Did X and Y ever patch up their stormy relationship?
  • Did Y die without an heir?
  • Who’s the father?
  • What’s pregnancy + 0?

Step 2: Show Every Character (but make us think you’ll forget someone)

3 minutes left…no Sesshomaru…2 minutes…no Sesshomaru…1 minute…no Sesshomaru…30 seconds…Fuck you Rumiko Takahashi, Fuck y—YES! SESSHOMARU!*

*I’m just making this shit up. Somebody check if this actually happened.

Step 3: Change the Ending Theme

Any of the following may be used as the final episode’s ending theme (ranked in order of preference):

  1. Past opening/ending theme
  2. Current opening theme (if skipped at the beginning of the episode)
  3. Full ending theme/Different verse of the same ending theme
  4. Completely new song

The Texhnolyze Exception: Kill Everybody

No sudden mass death/natural cause bullshit. Everybody gets his/her own unique gruesome death.

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